atlas do ćwiczeń siłowych titan On the European territory TYTAX machines are being sent directly from our factory, which can be seen on maps. GOOGLE The average time of arrival is about 14 days since the reception of the order. Once the order is submitted, the customer is kept informed about the parcel’s status and the delivery time.


transport atlasu do ćwiczeń For U.S clients, machines are being sent from our central warehouse located in South Carolina. See the address below.

SSMG warehousing & Distribution, LLC
1000 Southen Patio Parkway

On the territory of the USA each shipping is done by Unisource Logistics Solutions. The average time of arrival is about 10 days since the reception of the order. Once the order is submitted, the customer is kept informed about the parcel’s status and the delivery time.


For clients from Canada, machines are being sent from our USA warehouse. To make all USA - CANADA customs procedures easier, our company use customs agency services AACB who prearranges all needed documents on behalf of a client. Afterwards, customs agency delivers the machine directly to client in Canada.

What fees does client from Canada has to pay ?

Delivery costs are included in machine price. Buyer receive an invoice which has to be presented to a AACB company broker. Client will receive all needed brokers data, phone number and e-mail. Based on an invoice, broker will calculate a tax, which has to be paid before delivery. Below we show exemplary pricing.

  1. Bought machine: TYTAX T1-X
  2. Cumulative value with transport included: $6.000 USD
  3. Province: Newfoundland / Canada
  4. Sale tax in Newfoundland : 13%
  5. Duty : 0% for Canada clients who buy sport equipment from USA.
  6. Cumulative tax value(paid to broker): $6000 x 13% = $780 + $150 brokers fee.
  7. Amount to pay: $930 USD
  8. For clients from other provinces the HST / GST tax may differ.
  9. We send a product after client pays a tax to a broker.

Delivery time after tax is paid by the client lasts up to 10 days.


professional home gym equipment packing Our factory sends the TYTAX machines all over the world through the sea transportation. There is no such place where we cannot deliver our equipment.

How does the shipping process through sea transportation looks like:

- the submission of your order in our company,

- in 10 days, we prepare the goods which are then sent to the sea port in Gdynia (POLAND). The shipped goods receive a special BL document which contains:

  1. The data of the seller – see # 1 on the BL document.
  2. The data of the buyer
  3. Specification of the cargo sent with the HS code – this number confirms that the shipping contains sports equipment
  4. Contact information of the forwarding office, which contacts with you when the cargo is close to the destination port
  5. Contact information of the forwarding office in Poland, which is responsible for the shipping of the cargo to the customer
  6. Date when the cargo was loaded onto the ship.

- After receiving the BL document, our company gets the information when the cargo will reach the destination port – this information is immediately passed to the customer.

- About 5 days before the cargo reaches the destination port, the forwarding office contacts the customer in order to prepare the following documents: BL, invoice and packing list – the customer will receive all these documents from our company.

The forwarding office will offer you to take care of the whole custom clearance on your behalf – we suggest to agree on their conditions if you are inexperienced in this field.

- after paying for all the costs, which were given by the forwarding office, the cargo can be taken out of the port.


- many customers ask us about the costs that they will have in the moment of the cargo reception. Below you will find the approximate prices:

a) preparation of all documents by the forwarding office on behalf of the customer – about 300 USD,

b) sales tax and custom duties on sports equipment (if it exists in the particular country) – an agent from the forwarding office will pay this for you after you transfer the money on the office’s bank account. The sales tax and custom duties can be checked on the following PAGE


If the average shipping costs of the TYTAX T1-X machines to the sea port in Brazil is 500 USD, you should add the port costs in Brazil, which is 300 USD + taxes.

* If the taxes and the custom duty is very high in your country, there is a possibility to reduce this tax.