When we see the TYTAX machines, most of us would like to ask, how such powerful machines are delivered to the customers all over the world. How is that possible if even the lighters of the machines – the TYTAX M1, weights almost 300 kg/660 lb, whereas the heaviest T3-X model weights 725 kg/1600 lb without the barbells, weight plates and dumbbells. If we feel a box with the barbells, dumbbells and the weight plates, the weight of such a box can reach ever 1500 kg/3300 lb.

Now, imagine that this machine, which has such an enormous weight with the all additional weight plates and equipment, is shipped to a customer located on the other side of the globe. The machine will travel for many thousands miles, covered in both sea and land transport. At the end of this way, it will be unloaded of a car and left in front of your house or your company’s headquarters. And then you will see one of these two crates:

The big one, if you purchased one of the TYTAX TX machines, or the smaller one if you decided to buy the TYTAX M1.

By looking at these machines, it is hard to believe that they fit these crates. You will know it is true if see it with your own eyes, in the moment when such a crate with one of the TYTAX machines lands at your place.

As long as nothing bad happens to the crate during the transport in an unfortunate event, the crate should get to you in mint condition.

Believe us, to design the whole packing for the TYTAX machines’ transportation was not an easy feat. We had to consider the aspect of additional costs and the resistance for any eventual damage that can happen during the transport. We managed to find the perfect solution, because we built the crate of the machine on its construction elements.

This is how we achieved a transportation crate for the TYTAX machines that is literally indestructible.

We assure that you will be under a great impression when you finally unpack the machine and see the small number of the elements that actually build the TYTAX transportation crates.

We have used these crates to ship the TYTAX machines to our customers all over the world for several years. Despite the fact the TYTAX machines are built to serve you reliably for 10, 20 years, many customers, at some point, decide to purchase the newest model of the TYTAX machines. It is worth to keep such a transportation crate, because it may be used some day to pack your older machine.